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Introduction to this Course

Welcome to the Reiki and Relaxology Centre, and to this very exciting course which I know will change your outlook on life, the universe and all living things, in a very positive, spiritual, and life changing way.


For more information, please download my free PDF ebook, A Beginners Guide to Reiki & Seichem

Reiki Rays & Seichem is a comprehensive system which is composed of Usui Reiki Ryoho, Hayashi & Takata Reiki Ryoho, Tera-Mai attunements and from the experience of Reiki Ray Sensei.Ray teaches to a professional level and is an FHT approved tutor.

I have often been asked “what if I can’t do it”
Reiki is NOT a clinical therapy.
Let me re-assure you that once you have been attuned,
The Reiki energy will always flow, whenever you want it to!


Your Reiki and Seichem Pathway

1st Degree Reiki Rays & Silver Violet Flame - 2 day workshop.
1st Degree Seichem and Completion Day certified.
2nd Degree Reiki Rays & Seichem - 2 day workshop
Case studies for professional certification of 2nd Degree
Usui Techniques - 1 day Workshop to learn the methods of Usui Sensei
3rd Degree Reiki Rays & Seichem Master Healer – 1 day workshop
3rd Degree Master Teacher – 2 Days plus sitting in on my training Workshops (optional).
There is no rush to complete the course.  Indeed it is best to take things at your own pace.  Master Teacher is taught, only after you have become an experienced and accomplished Reiki & Seichem Master Healer.


Reiki Rays & Seichem Training                                          

Reiki and Seichem attunements are a process for fine tuning the physical and ethereal bodies to a higher vibratory level, and opening a purified channel in the body for the energy to pass through. Once this channel has been opened, it will remain open for the rest of a person’s life and can be activated simply through touch, intention, or the use of symbols.    

There are three levels of attunements:
1st Degree, 2nd Degree and 3rd Degree Master Healer.

Comprehensive Reiki Centre instruction manuals and a DVD are available in the training.


First Degree Reiki and Silver Violet Flame Training 

Download Booking Form (PDF)                      

This enables you to become a healer of yourself and others, mainly on the physical level, although mental and emotional healing often takes place.  You receive a Reiki initiation on the first day, and an attunement to the Silver Violet Flame on the second day. 
Tuition includes a thorough understanding of what Reiki is, and how it works.  The attunements are explained in a way that instils confidence in the student’s ability to offer treatments. 
The History of Usui Reiki is looked at and students are taught how to treat themselves and others using the methods and passive hand positions of Dr Hayashi and Mrs Hawayo Takata.

Fee: £95 - Duration: 2 Days  

 “The Beginners Guide to 1st Degree Reiki Rays & Seichem” Booklet is available - £7.50
Also available is “The Beginners Guide to 1st Degree Reiki Hand Positions” DVD - £7.50

1st Degree Seichem and Reiki Completion Day Fee: £49.50 – Duration: 1 Day     

You will receive a manual, further tuition of “Active” hand positions and of  Hayashi’s hand positions and basic Anatomy and Physiology instruction.  We look at and discuss the emotional causes of dis-ease and of how to treat them.  I ensure that by now you can give a comfortable treatment.
Reiki Training is not like clinical therapy tuition.   Once I have attuned you, YOU ARE A REIKI, and will always be able to give treatments to yourself and all living things. 


There’s no need to think “what if I can’t do it”.   I make sure that you can!



Second Degree Reiki and Seichem Training

2nd Degree enables you to use the Reiki and Seichem sacred symbols for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing of yourself and others, and to learn how to send distant healing.   You receive 2nd Degree Reiki and Seichem attunements on the first day, and on the 2nd day, the Egyptian attunement YOD, which is the first initiation into the Cartouche.  These initiations empower your 1st Degree many times and we begin to transcend time and space with distant healing.  This is recognized as the Professional Level and on completion students may get insured and become practitioners.

Fee: £150 - Duration: 2 Days – Includes comprehensive manual and the sacred Reiki and Seichem symbols.   

Certificates are presented after completion of case studies.



The Original Techniques of Usui Reiki Ryoho

Download Booking Form (PDF) 

This is a one day workshop for all 2nd & 3rd Degree Reiki’s of all lineage, to learn the methods and meditations of Usui Sensei.

Refer to “The Usui Techniques” booking form for information.

Fee: £50 - Duration:   1 Day.                      CPD certificate, manual and handouts included.



Third Degree Reiki & Seichem Training

Master Healer

This is the last of the three initiations known in the West as the Master Level.

Once taken, you will realise that in reality it is Just the Beginning.

Taking Reiki Master Level is a very special stage in your evolution as it will change your life forever. You must make sure that you are really ready to become a Master of Reiki, and of Your Self. In the days of Usui Sensei and Dr Hayashi, it was they who decided when a student was ready to move up the levels.  I feel, that as many Reiki Healers simply want to maximise their healing abilities, and as this is what the Reiki & Seichem Master Healer Initiation will do for you, I am happy for students to tell me when they’re ready.  

The pre-requisite is that you have successfully completed your Reiki Rays & Seichem
1st & 2nd Degree levels.

You will be given the Usui Master symbol and the Tera-Mai Seichem Master symbol during your attunements and be shown how to use them and others.   Manual, Certificate and plenty of practice is included.

The Reiki Healers Initiation and Tuition is taken over a period of 1 day.

The exchange for this is: £195



Master Teacher

By now you will already be aware, my teaching methods are very thorough and when you complete your Masters Training, you WILL be an excellent teacher of Reiki Rays & Seichem, and of Usui’s Reiki Ryoho.

As a Master Teacher you will have new responsibilities, to your students, to yourself and indeed to Usui himself, to uphold the Tradition of Usui Reiki Ryoho, and to uphold the pureness of the initiations.

I will be showing/instructing you how to attune your students to the 3 Degrees of Reiki & Seichem and you will spend a good deal of the weekend learning and practicing the initiations.  After all, they form the basis of the Reiki & Seichem training process.  You must not deviate from the initiation procedures, the standardized attunements are what make Reiki Rays & Seichem so special.

You will also be shown how to perform the Silver Violet Flame attunement, YOD and the Order of Melchizedek.

I include my teaching programmes, but you should of course develop your own.  Just make sure that you cover the essentials.  We will spend a little time running through my programmes so that you may see why I do certain things, such as to explain thoroughly how the attunements work.  This is to instill confidence in the students, so that they know for sure that they can do Reiki. 

To help refresh your memory as to what we did together during your training, you are welcome to attend my training sessions.                 

3 Days sitting in on a Reiki & Seichem 1st Degree     (Optional)
2 Days sitting in on a Reiki & Seichem 2nd Degree    (Optional)
1 Day sitting in on a Reiki & Seichem Master Healer  (Optional)

This will mean that you can watch me and see how and why I do certain things, it also acts as a refresher for you, whereby you can discuss your experiences and any problems you may have encountered.

The exchange for this is £400

I wish you an Abundance of Wealth, Good Health and Reiki Rays,
Reiki Ray Sensei