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I thought it would be nice to share some of my Reiki experiences with you, and also that of my students. I’m including a few referral letters that my clients have written to me about the results of their treatments. I hope these encourage those of you who are already on the Reiki path to continue, particularly any who feel that “nothing’s happening”. That is to say that when you place your hands on someone, and you can’t feel anything, don’t worry, this is known as “the dry spell”. It often happens to 1st Degree students in particular, however I assure you that your Reiki is working, just ask the recipient for feedback, they’ll tell you! It’s just that for a few days, weeks or even months, you yourself are getting used to assimilating your new vibrations. Just relax and let the receiver do the work!


Client Stories

Mrs D

A few months before Christmas in 2011, Mrs D who was in her mid twenties came to me suffering from depression. She’d had it for 18 months. I asked her when it had started and she said after her baby boy was born. She hadn’t received any counselling and the only “help” she got from her doctor was “here, take these anti-depressants”.

She told me that she didn’t feel they were working, just making her tired and irritable. She was too tired even to play with her 18 month old son.

She had been advised by friends to come for Reiki. At the end of her 1st session she was just lost for words at the experience. She came back two weeks later and reported that she was already feeling different. Again she was amazed at the end of the session as to how she was feeling.

I hadn’t heard anything from her for about six weeks, when she rang to apologise for not coming back, BECAUSE SHE WAS BETTER! She was off medication and everyone was so pleased for her. Anyway, she came for a top up and at the end of it, we had I laugh! I said to her that I bet no-one could understand what had happened? She lay on a treatment couch for 45 minutes whilst I placed my hands on her head and worked my way down to her feet, and now she’s better! How does that happen? I believe the birth of her son caused a hormonal imbalance and that the Reiki energy got her back into balance and harmony.
She’s now planning to learn Reiki herself.

Is this a Universal thank you? A couple of weeks before that Christmas, I took in a delivery from a courier and after signing he said “You’re that Reiki chap aren’t you?” I replied “Yes”. He said “You gave Reiki to my wife and healed her depression, thank you!” What a co-incidence, or was it Universal Intervention?


Mrs S’s Story

This lady came to me to see if Reiki would help her have a 2nd child. She desperately wanted another. After the birth of her 4 year old daughter, she developed a “sticky blood” problem and had 4 miscarriages. The medication didn’t help her get past the first 3 months. She started a course of Reiki, coming for fortnightly sessions and after about 6 weeks became pregnant. She continued fortnightly and the after passing the 3 month period, reduced it to once a month, and eventually had a healthy new born child! How nice is that?

Now doctors would say, “Oh that was just a co-incidence.” Well they’re right!

Wasn’t it just a co-incidence that after all they failed to do for 4 years, the first time
Mrs S tried Reiki, she had a successful pregnancy?


Miss M

A few years ago in early January, I was asked by her mother to give home visit aromatherapy treatments to a young girl of eleven. She had been suffering terribly from severe migraines for the past two years, often having to be sent home from school, consequently missing classes. That Christmas, she spent 3 days in hospital, having scans and blood tests etc., but they couldn’t find out what was wrong. Her mother had tried everything they could think of and was having to resort to strong painkillers etc. That’s when she thought of aromatherapy massage and contacted me. Miss M looked very tired, very sad and poorly, with bags under her eyes. She couldn’t raise a smile.

Well, after 5 minutes of massage to Miss M’s neck and shoulders, alarm bells started to ring in my head as I was “being told” to do Reiki. So I said to her mum, this doesn’t feel right, I’m swopping to Reiki if that’s ok? This I did, paying particular attention to her pituitary and pineal glands.
The following week, the same thing happened and so I suggested changing over to Reiki treatments. So she had an hour of Reiki on the next two visits.
When I went to give her the fifth session, she met me at the door with a smile on her face! She offered to help bring in the couch and bags! I said “what’s happened?” She said that she hadn’t had a migraine that week. For the first time in 2 years!
I felt so happy for her, and that was reward enough, just to Experience the Miracle of Reiki.

I gave her a couple more weekly treatments, then dropped it to once a fortnight for a month, then monthly for 3 months, and that’s it, No more migraines.

Now doctors would say, “Oh that was just a co-incidence.” Well they’re right!

Wasn’t it just another co-incidence that after all they failed to do for two years,
and after only 4 treatments of Reiki, the migraines mysteriously went away!


J’s Story

A few years ago a man came to me suffering badly from anxiety attacks. He’d always been a worrier, but now he was getting panic attacks right out of the blue. The week he first came to me, he had gone down South for a horse racing for a weekend with his mates and just before the first race he had an attack and ended up in the first aid tent.

After 3/4 weekly treatments his attacks petered out and eventually stopped as week by week his inner strength grew and grew. He was so impressed that he got his mother to start having Reiki also as she was on a cocktail of medications for this, that and the other, including drugs to stop the side affects of other drugs, you know the story? A few years previously she had breast cancer treated with chemotherapy and various other life threatening problems and her box of medicines on the table next to her chair was a constant re-enforcement that “I am ill”!!!

At my request she placed her box out of sight, but sadly it was too late. When I called the following week she informed me that she had breast cancer again. At first she was devastated and gave up, cancelling her next Reiki treatment.

Then her son took up the challenge, gone was his irrational fear. He helped her to fight back and she rang to see if I could see her after all! I gave them both the Rei-ju healing empowerment and showed them how to put hands on each other. Her spirits rose and she thought more positively about the whole thing. The week before she was due for her operation I arrived at their house to find him just arriving back from the hospital with his father! Due to the stress and worry about his wife, his father had a recurring heart problem and had spent the weekend in hospital.

The man who used to have anxiety attacks handled it all and was able to look after his mother and father when they most needed help, all because he came for Reiki, perhaps being “guided” to get himself ready for the oncoming challenge?

He decided to become a Reiki healer himself and began his training, giving Reiki to his mother in particular. Sadly, by the time he became a Reiki Master Healer, his mother became very ill and passed away. At her funeral, I saw him stand by the side of his father and support him! His friends and relatives were amazed at how well he was coping, boosting his confidence still further.

He now stands on his own two feet, works confidently as a Reiki Master Healer, and Spiritual Counsellor.

Another Reiki Miracle!

Ms J’s Story

Poor Ms J was deeply depressed, her husband had left her and when I got to her house, it hadn’t been cleaned for months! There were a dozen ashtrays full of cigarette ends and bottles of alcohol all over the place. There were blank spaces in the room and on the walls, where her ex had taken his things. She was desperately unhappy and asked if Reiki would help her. She had heard that it might.

The first part of her treatment was to Reiki (clear) the room, which I did. On her first two treatments she had emotional releases, a good sign that healing was taking place. On my third visit I noticed that things in the house were beginning to be moved around and she was brightening up and talking about “the future”. On my fifth visit, a mirror had replaced the blank space in wall where the family picture used to hang, there was only one or two clean ashtrays and no bottles. She had swopped their 3 piece suite for one of her choice, and she had recorded a demo disc for the Stars in your Eyes show!

She told me that she used to sing a lot before the problems with her ex, and that she wants to take it up again. I gave her a couple more treatments to boost her confidence and then she was able to stand tall again.

Well done Ms J, another miracle!


Mrs G’s Story

Mrs G was 83 years old and was having severe problems with her hips, the pain was restricting her from walking and she had to use a stick to get about. I began a weekly home visit to her and almost immediately she began to feel the benefit, putting her stick away! She also had hiatus hernia, I.B.S., eye problems, and was still recovering from breast cancer which had been removed several years ago, but left her with a painful shoulder. All these painful conditions and restrictions was also causing her to “feel like giving up”, especially after the hospital had said, “there’s no cure, you’ll soon be in a wheelchair”!!!

After only a few treatments she was so much better in herself that her milkman commented “What are you on, I could do with some”.

Her daughter got very interested in the effects of the treatments and decided to learn Reiki herself. She is now a Reiki Master and gives Reiki to her mum.

A Reiki miracle!

Mrs J’s Recovery

When Mrs J arrived for her 1st Reiki treatment, she was very, very weak, in pain and had difficulty in taking off her coat. She had a cancer tumour removed from her stomach a few months earlier and just couldn’t recover from it. None of the medications she was taking was helping and all she got from doctors is “what do you expect at your age, come back in a couple of months and we’ll see how you are then”!!! She had very little Chi energy you see, and any new cells that her body made, were weak and poor quality. If you look at the “What is Reiki” pages, you’ll understand how Reiki can benefit those like Mrs J. So she was plugged in to the Reiki battery charger, and week by week she got her strength back, even going back to work a few weeks later!

So the doctors were right, she would eventually get better!
Funny how her recovery didn’t start until after starting Reiki treatments?


Ms S’s Story

This lady was having a thyroid problem and medication alone wasn’t helping. It would seem that years of stress and traumatic occurrences were taking their toll. Now, throat problems can be caused by the emotional experience of having to “swallow” your words and the negative energy gets stuck in the throat. If it continues, the emotions get pushed down ever further and in this case went to the thyroid gland. So how can Reiki help here? Simple, and unlike medicine, Reiki goes to the cause. So I sent Reiki back in time, to the emotional cause as well as to the thyroid itself. The vibrations gave the gland the energy it needed and she also received STRESS RELIEF! Three treatments in one! After several treatments, her consultant revealed that he was amazed that her thyroid gland was coming back into balance and he was able to reduce her thyroxine.

Not so much a miracle, just what you’d expect really!

Another J’s Story

Mrs J was suffering, and I do mean suffering, from depression and anxiety. She had been taking medications, but they weren’t really helping, and certainly they weren’t addressing or repairing the cause. Anyway, she started her recovery by joining our Rei Chi Yoga class and after a few months she had begun to “feel” that there was something about Rei Chi that was an “extra” to Yoga alone. This is because I include a lot of Chi work, visualizations and self recovery in the Yoga sessions. Rei Chi Yoga, really means Reiki Yoga. So then she came and had some regular Reiki treatments and steadily began to feel better, more relaxed and able to be confident in what she did. Her anxiety went away and she began to think of what her purpose in life was. She became a part time support teacher and hopes to become full time. As Reiki has begun to become part of her life, she has started to train to be a Reiki healer too.

This little miracle is just the beginning



In order to complete 2nd Degree Reiki & Seichem training, our students are required to perform and produce some case studies. Reiki can benefit ALL living things and even electrical appliances, so I thought it would be good to share some of their more unusual experiences!

Student’s Stories


Sarah’s House

Sarah and her husband had wanted to travel around the world while they were still young enough but they couldn’t sell their house. When Sarah took her 1st Degree, they had put the house up for sale, but there was no interest in it. They asked the estate agent what changes they should make, but nothing worked. A few months later, Sarah took her 2nd Degree and was shown how to use Reiki & Seichem symbols and the methods & affirmations to assist in manifestations, as well as for sending Reiki healing.
So they began to ask the Universe for guidance and low and behold, simple ideas came to them. They wondered why they hadn’t thought of them before! They made some changes and sent out positive thoughts, “thanking the Universe for finding a buyer who would also benefit from purchasing their house”.

Guess what, straight away they started to get viewings, and as Sarah completed her case studies, they had 2 offers!

Shortly after receiving her certificate, I received a Christmas card from her in November, saying “see you in 2/3 years, we’re just setting off around the world”!

Good luck and well done Sarah

School Job
A personal tutor, to a group of eleven, 15 year old girls, which she only saw for a one hour’s tutorial each week, was causing problems She doesn’t actually teach them and so her influence on them is minimal. Every day, lecturers were coming to her complaining about the behaviour of her tutor group and her desk was littered with concern notes. These girls were rude, disruptive, and persistently late or absent and were hard to motivate.

She decided to use Reiki to cleanse the base room used by the group. On entering the room she could see that the desks were lined up haphazardly, with chairs all over the place. Crisp packets decorated the desks and floor, and posters the girls had produced were stuck here and there all over the walls. She “cleansed” the room with Reiki and symbols, and tidied up the desks etc., thinking “I had better do this again next week”. When she entered the room the following week, the desks were still in neat rows with chairs put away and all the rubbish was in the waste bin! Even the posters were displayed neatly. She also realised then that she hadn’t had any complaints that week.
In fact, one of the lecturers who had complained the most, commented that the group had worked very hard that very morning!

Nice one!


Tricia’s Chinaman Guide
During Tricia’s training, one of her Reiki guides came to her as a Chinaman wearing a small mandarin hat. The first time he appeared, he held his hands in front of him and just nodded and constantly smiled. She acknowledged him and asked for his name, but he didn’t give it straight away. Later on, as they got to know each other he said his name was Wansha, it was strange though because his mouth didn’t move. At the time she thought “is there a Chinese name Wansha”? He came and placed his hands on hers and she could feel the heat from them. He pressed lightly down on her hands and then moved her hands to another position.

Tricia now allows Wansha to guide her hands and after the initial doubts, she now encourages Wansha to help her. I have looked on the Web and there is a most venerable Dharma Wansha Beddegame from a Buddhist religion in Sri Lanka, perhaps there’s a link for Tricia to follow?

But back to the story, Tricia was treating her daughter who was somewhat sceptical (she’s a doctor!). Even so, the treatment sent her to sleep and afterwards she commented that she had a funny dream of being on a beach and there was a little Chinese man in a mandarin hat, sat crossed legged and smiling! She’s not quite so sceptical now!

I think this experience was to help Tricia’s daughter to appreciate that there is more to healing than medicine, drugs and surgery

Linda’s Satellite Dish
Linda and her hubby had gone to the Lakes for the weekend in their camper, and as they were keen rugby fans, they took their satellite and television with them so that they could see the weekend matches. On arrival, hubby tried to tune in the dish but it didn’t want to know. He tried and tried and got angrier and angrier. Linda had offered to help, but it was a man’s job of course. Eventually in a very masculine way he shouted at Linda, “well, why don’t you use some of that b*****y Reiki on it”? So she Reiki’d it, and it started working!

Similar Tales
Yes, I’ve heard a couple of similar stories, one was where a single mum had bought a DVD for her daughter’s Christmas present, and the DVD player wouldn’t play the picture properly.
She tried all the plugs and wiped the disc and did everything she could think of. Then her daughter said “mummy, why don’t you give it Reiki?” So she gave it Reiki and low and behold, she got it going!
Another was when a student visited her daughter who was trying to do some urgent washing, but her ageing machine wouldn’t work. Again, they did everything they could think of, and then her daughter said “mum, give it some Reiki”. So she did and got it going, just for one more wash before it died completely!
And so the tales of Magical Reiki go on and on!

Isn’t it nice to see the healing continuing, even without having to place my own “hands on”?

That’s what makes teaching Reiki so wonderful and so rewarding.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these stories, and if you’re a Reiki, and perhaps unsure of yourself, fear not. Reiki ALWAYS WORKS, and once a Reiki, ALWAYS a Reiki
May the Love of Light bring you Many Blessings.


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