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How Reiki Heals

What is Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Natural Form of “Hands on Healing” founded by Usui Sensei from Japan in1922 after a near death experience resulting from a fasting and meditation lasting over 20 days.


“Hands on Healing” is nothing new.    It is the oldest form of healing.   When a child hurts itself, mother rubs or kisses it better.  She heals by giving her personal Chi and Love to the child, and the pain goes away!  When you knock or burn yourself, what do you instinctively do? You rub or hold the injury, and the pain subsides.

So this Reiki is not anything Hookey Spookey, it is a perfectly natural and
normal way to Heal.

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Every cell of your body, and indeed all living things, vibrate with energies that we may call Chi, Ki, Prana, Bio-electricity, or the Universal Life Force.   When a person dies, it is their Chi that leaves the body.   I recently learned that we start the ageing process known as “growing old” at the ripe old age of 26!  Up until then, the body is “growing”, after that the body goes into decline.

However, up to the approximate age of 35 years, we humans will naturally replenish our personal Chi from the air we breathe, from good quality “live” foods, water and sunshine.   After 35 or even before that if we subject ourselves to poor quality environments, pollution, junk foods, bad eating habits, and from continued stress, anger and worry, then we find ourselves becoming low in the Universal Life Force, Chi.

This manifests itself as poor health, a weak immune system, mental and emotional problems, tiredness, low energy, sleeping disorders, irritability and can even make accidents happen!
The ability to cope with stressful situations is reduced and recovery from accidental damage takes the body much longer to repair itself.   This is why sports people such as footballers have to start to retire around the age of 35. 


Understanding Chi depletion and how Reiki “heals”.

New CarOld Car

To help you to understand Chi depletion, imagine a brand new car.   This represents a person when they’re young.   So no matter whether it be Summer or dark Winter, the young car will charge up it’s battery just by running around, enjoying itself!   So do you.   Then after time the car begins to age, bits start breaking and the battery can’t hold its charge as well as it used to do.  This also begins to happen to you after reaching the ripe old age of 26.

The car runs quite well in the Summer when things aren’t too bad and not too demanding, but then the dark, rainy, freezing cold Winter comes along and what happens?   The car breaks down and the battery goes flat with all the extra use of the heater, lights, and wipers.   This is just what happens to us.    When we grow up and grow older, we have more responsibilities, family, mortgages, job worries and STRESS.   We may go through all sorts of emotional STRESS with break-ups and bereavements etc.  So when your car’s battery goes flat, what do you do?     You charge it up from an EXTERNAL SOURCE.


And this is just what happens in a Reiki treatment.
You are plugged in to a battery charger, the Universal Life Force Energy known as Reiki.
But without this Life Force Energy – We are Lifeless!


So, what is this discipline called Reiki?

Put quite simply, a Reiki treatment is a unique way of channeling pure and focused energy, mainly through the hands of one person (a Reiki), to another (the recipient), without using up the personal Chi energy of the Reiki practitioner.   The therapist is just like a great big funnel!!!    It’s important to understand that the therapist doesn’t “heal” other people, one can only heal oneself.   A Reiki practitioner simply channels Reiki and what the receiver does with it, is entirely up to them.

How does Reiki work (Heal)?

You heal yourself by making new cells.   If a large number of cells are making up a gland for example, and they are low in Chi energy, then that gland will be “Out of Balance”.   As the cells in that gland wear out and need replacement, and if the body is unwell, then the new cells won’t be any better than the old ones and will take a long time to form.   Healing and recovery cannot take place and the gland will remain unable to function properly.

So, by energizing the cells of that gland with Reiki, it is empowered to come back into balance, and when it does, then the symptom or complaint it was causing will subside and the body or mind is allowed to recover.   For example Reiki may help those suffering from depression by bringing the Pituitary and Pineal glands back into balance, so that they produce correct levels of serotonin and melatonin, (provided of course that the cause is not ongoing).  Even then, Reiki treatments will help the person to cope better and improve the quality of life.      See Reiki Stories.

Reiki stimulates one’s Self-Healing Process on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual levels, so for example, it is the ideal antidote to continual stressful situations such as work problems or screaming kids!   It can be used to help relieve physical pain, as well as emotional pain such as a heart, broken by loss or bereavement.

Unwell and overstressed people are VERY LOW in Life Force energy.

Reiki treatments help to replenish the levels of energy needed to repair one’s Body, Mind and Spirit.   What’s so good about Reiki is, that because it is Spiritually Guided by the receivers  Higher Self, the Chi “knows” exactly where to go, as in fact it is the recipient who guides the healing.   An experienced Reiki will “meld” with the client and be intuitively be guided by the client’s innerself as to where to place hands, and for how long.  

What a Reiki Treatment is Like

Although you may well have had Reiki treatments before reading this information, I am including this description to help you to have a better understanding of a Reiki treatment.   Something you will experience is how the vibrations change from one hand position to another.   Sometimes the vibrations will feel hot, other times cold or even like a cool breeze, and as the recipient has more and regular sessions, there is an ever increasing feeling of a flowing, peaceful relaxation.  You may even feel like you are becoming so relaxed that you might fall asleep.  In fact many of my clients do!  I treat that as a compliment.

Reiki energy is passed from a practitioner to a receiver usually through the palms of the hands or finger tips being placed on specific points throughout the head and body.  In particular, the eight main chakras (energy centres) are treated and balanced so that Chi energy may flow without interruption.   The basic head/body flow treatment consists of a Reiki placing their hands on approximately 20 positions in total from head to feet.


An important part of Reiki and healing is Relaxation.   It’s a bit like meditation and I’m sure you know that meditation is beneficial.   Because Reiki is spiritually guided, that is to say the recipient’s inner-self draws in and guides the Chi to wherever it’s needed, the brain/mind can take a rest.   Just like a car being placed in neutral, the engine is still running slowly, charging the battery, but the car is at rest.

Most ill health and dis-ease is Stress Related, i.e. caused by stress.   Therefore, anything one can do to relieve the recipient’s stress will be beneficial.

A Reiki Session is the Most Stress Relieving Treatment of all Therapies.

With this in mind, it is important that the recipient feels completely at ease with their Reiki therapist.   There is no need to remove any clothing other than bulky coats and shoes, and be assured that a practitioner’s hands are never inappropriately placed.   I also encourage a companion to sit in, (quietly) on a client’s first session if they wish, and they may well also benefit from feeling the Reiki vibrations, which will emanate around the room.   

What to expect after a session.  

Usually, most clients feel very calm and relaxed after a treatment and this often carries over to the next few days.   A typical result I hear from school teachers as an example, is that after 4/5 treatments they say things like “the kids don’t irritate me any more” or “I can’t believe how co-operative the class has become”   Similar things happen in stressful house-holds, or that their work and workplace becomes more “tolerable”.

A Reiki treatment ALWAYS “works”.

Due to the very nature of what Reiki actually is, Reiki always benefits the receiver in some way or other, (and the therapist too).   Sometimes the results are immediate, such as removing toothache pain.   Other times it may not be so apparent, as the healing goes to the cause of the imbalance, and may need several sessions before an improvement is noticed.

The effects of Reiki are accumulative.The benefits of Reiki given on a regular basis accumulate, that is to say that the healing energy builds up, one on top of the other as it were.   This is why chronic illness should be treated at least once a week for several weeks, then reducing the frequency as the symptoms subside.

You really have to experience Reiki to know what it feels like.
It’s also interesting to be aware that the client only draws in what they can handle in one go.  It is why Reiki can do no harm, the client only releases whatever emotional rubbish and negative energy that they’re ready and able to do.

Although Reiki is a powerful healing force, IT IS GENTLE & CANNOT DO HARM