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Reiki Ray Goldy

Principle Therapist –
Reiki Ray Sensei MICHT

Reiki & Seichem Master Healer & Teacher

Federation of Holistic TherapistsThe Reiki & Relaxology Centre was set up by Ray C.N.G. Goldy in 1998, and he was one of the first to practice professionally in the Leigh area, working originally in Pennington nr. Manchester.  

After a spell in Leigh town centre, Ray is now home based in Astley M29. In 1998, Ray became a Reiki Healer and soon was fascinated with Energy Healing.   Since then he has trained in several forms of complementary therapies and continues to investigate & learn new treatments with which to help other people.   He is often asked, “what will “it” do for me?”   Well, complementary therapies may help YOU to “fix” whatever is fixable.  

However, you don’t have to be ill to feel the benefits from REGULAR treatments.

For more information, please download my free PDF ebook, A Beginners Guide to Reiki & Seichem

Ray teaches Reiki & Seichem courses, Oriental Face Massage and Hopi Ear Candling, both here (Astley) and around the country, and runs several types of workshops.


Prevention is better than cure, make a regular commitment to look after yourself – you’re worth it!

It’s very important to be comfortable with your Teacher, so pick your Reiki Teacher carefully and choose one that will give you help and support, both now and in the future.

It is preferable, though not essential, that you have a Reiki treatment from myself, prior to starting on your Reiki path, so that you can experience the energies and techniques of myself and of Reiki & Seichem.

You are welcome to come to my home for a treatment to meet me, and to decide if you
really are ready to become a Lightworker, and a Reiki and Seichem Healer.



Lakeland Retreat 2012Student Comments

To Ray, just to say a “Big Thank You” for your kindness and support regarding my Reiki
re-training!  You are such a passionate and enthusiastic teacher/sensei.  I feel very privileged and honoured to have you as my teacher! 
With Love, Petra xoxo  Namaste.

Learning Reiki at Reiki Rays was a most pleasant experience. It was nice to be in home surroundings and have lunch in his lovely, interesting garden, and be able to communicate with him on a friendship level.  I had previously studied Reiki at a college and found it not to be the right environment, and once the course was over there was no communication allowed with the tutor!  So I decided to go to Reiki Rays to be re-taught Reiki and I have felt the benefit of this. 
Patsy O’Reilly, xoxo

Lakeland Retreat 2012'WOW' and a big heart felt thank you to the lovely Ray.  Since Ray attuned me, which in
itself was an amazing experience, so relaxed and calm, my life has improved in so many ways. My health has improved using self healing.  I’ve helped to improve my friend’s headaches.  I’ve use silver violet flame to create a calmer house.  My teenage son communicates in human sounds now and not teenage grunts anymore.  Reiki has changed my life for the better and that is priceless.
Love and light Sue xJ

I was very sceptical about Reiki and was unsure what difference it would have on my life. Somehow my search led me to Ray and he is very special. My training was wonderful and Reiki is now a very big part of my life. Reiki is very spiritual and all encompassing; it is part of who I now am.
Many thanks, Tricia  



I wish You an Abundance of Love, Light and Reiki Rays